Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday went well

The lava beds are just south of Klamath falls Oregon and actually on the California side of the border.  The street the guys are standing on is called State Line Road.  Because the cent of the street is the state line between California and Oregon
Here they are in two states at once.

Spencer is in California, Frank is in Oregon and Alex is undecided.

We went to the visitors center and purchased helmets, maps and started to explore some of the caves that were close to camp.  We did pause for a few minutes and take a picture at the park entrance.

At the visitors center buying hats and maps.

This was our first cave it had a paved trail and and lights.  After this the young men explained they were now ready to go off and discover new caves that have yet to be found.

This is our second cave they spent several hours in it,  No lights, not paved walk ways and they spent alot of time on their hands and knees crawling and exploring all the different caverns and tunnels.

This was the entrance to the cave called the labyrinth.  It is 1200 feet long with over 20 different passages that extend to different levels.

In the cave.

Don't forget Alex.

The guys helmets were all yellow, white and orange so we brought spray paint and tape then let them go to town personalizing them.

I am sorry I have no explanation for this photo.  However if you would like to add a caption please feel free.

Internet coverage is really spotty so we probably wont be able to post again until Thursday night.

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  1. I have an explanation for the last picture. It totally looks like they were recreating a scene from a popular award winning movie. The difference is they are picnicing by the lava beds and not on brokeback mountain.