Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Alex is having a great time, he wishes you were here!

On our way to Klamath Falls, fun windy roads for 30 miles! Justin started at our last stop to call both Brother Anderson and Brother Judd “Dad”, which has been followed by everybody else. When 9 teenage boys are walking after them yelling “Daaaddd, Daaaaadd, don’t leave us here dad!! Not again!!” they tend to start walking away even faster, strangely enough. Love you mommy!! – Quinn L’Heureux
Anker Peet is freaking awesome, and I love him. -  Alex
Is that an animal or is that a rock? We’ve listened to this CD like 3 times all the way through. Those dark clouds up ahead look scary. That fence was almost falling on the road. Weird. Micheal is asleep in the back. Hahaha. It smells like skunk. My ears are popping.I love you Emily! Spanks for the letter sista! Anker Peet is awesome. Love - Anker Peet
Alex is having the time of his life.  We took a few photos to show how you can really live it up while out in the “wild”.
life on the open road is sweet

I always like to hang around Alex.  He is a great example and helps me be a better person.

When nature calss, you have to answer.

Any time is a good time for service.  Alex totally plowed that farmers field in no time at all.

Some guys have it.  Some guys dont.

Seats are for wimps.  Real men ride on the horn.

Alex wrestling a bear.  The bear totally lost.

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