Thursday, July 21, 2011

thursday, pizza, caves, bugs and blood

Quote of the day: Fat people crawl.

Items of note: We have had a fresh fruit or vegetable at every meal

We left the lava beds tonight and had dinner in Klamath falls we are heading to Moor Park to ahve a devotional and then north a couple of hours to our next camping ground.  We will be going to Florence Oregon tommorrow to Sand Boarding. 

 We got a ginormous pizza at Willy's Pizza, and promptly ate the whole thing... along with two plates of wings and some cheesy bread!
 Our group, at the top of an overhang by Garden Bridges and .
 Playin Ultimate Frisbee in the parking.  It was safer than playing in fields with rocks and assorted cave openings.  They wanted to play skins and against skins and have one team only in their underwear.  These Northwest kids want to do crazy things when they get to where it is warm all night.  We settled on skins a against skins.  They played like that for about an hour until the bugs came out them the shirts started to go back on.
Anker found some gynormous misquitos.  However no one else was bitten

Justin twisted his ankle playing frisby, however Spencer came to the rescue.  Both are doing fine.  They are also having suntanning contest.  We have tie for the most ginger (micheal and max), the most bronze goes back and forth between justin and spencer. 

Bradley drew first blood.  It being Bradley we are grateful this is all it was.

The camp we stayed in did not have showers.  So the boys improvised.  I believe all 9 of them showered on some level here.

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  1. Where is Alex? We love seeing all the places you take him