Saturday, July 23, 2011


Quote: “Every time I move a body part, sand comes out of it!!!” -Bro Anderson
Quote (and story): Brother Anderson is driving, we are listening to music, all of sudden he starts jumping in his seat, reaches over and turns off the music “HEY!! That’s the music from Jack and the Bean Stalk and Mickey Mouse!!!!!!”-… closely followed by 5-10 minutes of laughter from everybody else in the car.
5 Guys for lunch!! It was delicious. We’re on our way home, had our final devotional and testimony meeting, and said goodbye to turtle and mamma turtle. We just passed the The Dalles sign!! (where we went to the best rodeo ever last year)  Sandboarding was sweet, we went to 3 different sets of dunes and sandboarded for about 6-8 hours, with no major injuries!! (pretty amazing, really)But everyone was caked in sand, ears, nose, eyes, hair, everywhere!!! “como se llama?” – Anker. There were some kids from Mexico at the dunes, and we talked to them a little (in Spanish… mostly Anker). We are entering Washington right……. NOW! Sales tax again… oh well, we’re in WASHINGTON (and its somehow still in the 80’s out!!) We just passed a car with a unicorn in it, that was strange. Now we're passin a military convoy.
We'll be home by about 6:30. We gotta clean out da car first then we'll be free!
Max Peet going off a jump at the dunes. Im pretty sure he was the best one out of all of us.
The whole gang at da beach.

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